The Beast

Overview of The Beast

Enter a misty realm in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, enter the Horton Plains where the leopard rules in the clouds. Wonder if the “Yakush” really exists in the vast mystery of the high altitude jungle. Is it myth or reality? Join a bunch of teenagers – catholic, hindu and buddhist, experience their die cast ties as they join forces to hunt for a myth.
Experience social and economic disparities and savour the friendship that truimphs over all. Discover the true identity of man, and discover the true identity of the beast. Above all taste, teenaged love, fear, thrills, adventure and innocence lost. Come, let’s hunt for the Beast of Horton Plains.

Book Reviews

Fiction of this kind is still very rare in Sri Lanka, either in English, Sinhala or Tamil, it is hoped that the author will write more.

 Gratien Award winner (Gamini Akmeemana)


‘’‘The Beast’ is Sri Lankan born Jude Perera’s debut novel. While having previous experience in short fiction, lifestyle and travel blogging, his recent YA novel is based entirely in the lush splendour of our very own Horton Plains.’’

Pulse Magazine


‘’Young Adult novel set in Sri Lanka – hunting the yakush’’


Trip Fiction 


‘“The Beast” Framed: On Jude Perera’s Work Of Young Adult Fiction.’’

Gratien award winner: Vihanga Perera