Glow in the Forest

Overview of a Glow in the Forest

Turn off the tv and get ready for a swift getaway to freedom. The times are medieval. A work house high up in the mountains cringes next to a dark forest without boundaries. Meet a pair of sadists who harass and torment three teenagers and a child forced to live there. Two siblings: orphans from a noble family, keep their origins a secret to the rest of its inhabitants.

A poor farm girl and a young boy with his heart set on the altar decide that enough is enough. They escape to the dark bowels of an unknown world with hopes of happiness and freedom. They are helped and led by a handsome young hunter with an unknown past and a feisty girl, who seek escape for reasons of their own. Feel the pangs and joys of their first loves, and encounter painful social and religious hypocrisies and superstitions that threaten to tear them apart.